CNC machining center basic maintenance methods

Reading:502Editor:adminPublished time:2021/11/20
1, in the processing center before operation, wear good labor protection supplies, according to the requirements of lubrication and maintenance, check the oil level of the lubricating oil.

2, clamping workpiece should be put gently, to prevent collision, damage the work table; When the workpiece of the machining center is heavy, it should also verify the bearing capacity of the machine tool table, and the machining center is not allowed to run overload.

3, processing procedures should be checked before running, the use of machining center high-speed function to confirm the match of the tool.

4. After the machine tool is started, check whether the movement of spindle and worktable in all directions is normal and whether there is abnormal noise, etc.

5, in the process of processing should always pay attention to the movement of the machine tool and processing state is normal, abnormal phenomenon. Noise and alarm, should stop immediately check processing, processing center after troubleshooting can continue to process.

Good maintenance habits and periodic inspection can not only increase the service life of machine tools, but also keep them with good processing accuracy. Therefore, we will carry out maintenance and maintenance of machine tools according to the cycle, and will be calm when processing high-precision parts.