CNC machining center for parts processing requirements

Reading:113Editor:adminPublished time:2021/11/20
1.CNC machining center has high precision and stable quality
CNC CNC machining center machine tool processing process is controlled by computer credentials prior to the input of the program, only information instructions, can guarantee the accuracy of CNC lathe, so as to avoid the difference in product quality caused by the difference in the level of wonderful skills of the operator. We know that CNC machining center parts processing itself of high repetition accuracy, in the processing of unified batch parts, can guarantee the uniformity and stability of processing, and CNC parts processing will not be affected by artificial components.

2 CNC processing talent, high degree of flexibility
Manipulation of CNC machining center is the key process, in the different parts machining, only need to prepare or even machining program can quickly reach requirement, do not need to adjust the manipulation of machine tool, it greatly shortens the substitution of machine tool hardware technology lead noms, so CNC more appropriate type, single or less quantity of parts produced. For irregular parts, the general machine tool can almost not complete, and CNC machine tools only need to prepare a response to the program can, but also can end a little irregular parts processing.

3. Reduce the task intensity and improve the task conditions
CNC machining center, lathe machining process according to machining procedure is finished, in general, general for panel manipulation, the workpiece loading and unloading manipulator lead noms, cutting tool, the center of the key process measurement and observe the operation of the machine, don't need to do a deep repetitive manual manipulation, reduce the physical task of staff, response to improve the terms of the task.

4 CNC machining center processing production is subject to high, low cost
CNC lathe empty distance movement rate fast moving parts, alternative artifacts nearly does not need to adjust machine tool, and machining accuracy is relatively stable, generally only do first article inspection and process of key dimensions between the sampling inspection, so greatly reduced the assembly, downtime and other auxiliary production, advances the process yield rate, down processing line, and production batch, the greater the processing line.

5. Good economic benefits
Numerical control CNC machining center parts processing wonderful technology advantage is to change the processing goal, only need to rewrite the processing program, do not need to produce, replace the new machine tool. For uneven shape and high precision parts, the application of CNC lathe, can respond to the reduction of general lathe examples and number of sets, useful to save the equipment investment, beneficial to the enterprise's better development and production. In the case of single, small number of production, the application of CNC parts processing can reduce adjustment, processing, inspection, simply save the price of production. CNC processing quality is stable, can reduce or even avoid the occurrence of garbage, so that the production of old cost decline, and then obtain good economic benefits.