Capacity and efficiency of CNC machining center

Reading:172Editor:adminPublished time:2021/11/20
CNC machining to capacity and efficiency, need to pay attention to the place. The internal structure of the product is closely related to the processing cost. The processing technology used by the product directly determines the production cost, and the processing efficiency and capacity will also be affected by it.
From the point of view of product design, if the manufacturing threshold of processing technology can be fundamentally reduced, the processing cost can be reduced on this basis, which can shorten the CT time of a CNC machine tool, improve the processing quality and processing efficiency, and greatly improve the CNC processing capacity.

Tool life management and control in CNC machining
CNC system to the tool life management control is to calculate the number of tool processing, or with the processing time to determine. Therefore, the CNC automatically stops when the tool life reaches the desired number of machining times or times specified by the system. CNC machining can be affected if manual supervision is not in place, or if the tool cannot be replaced as expected. Therefore, tool life is a key factor affecting CNC productivity.
Especially when a workpiece CNC processing process is too much, the amount of processing is cumbersome, the processing size accuracy requirements are relatively strict, the tool to be used will be more. At this time the CNC tool library automatically replace the tool, and the knife action is more frequent, and the tool wear is larger, so that the manual tool change, adjustment machine is more frequent.
Therefore, tool wear is an important index that affects the normal production tempo and productivity of CNC. Through technical measures to improve the process, improve the overall life of the tool, not only can save the cost of the tool, more importantly, can reduce the CNC spindle downtime, so as to improve the efficiency of CNC processing, improve product quality and capacity.

CNC optimization program and process parameters
In the process of confirming the product processing technology, it is necessary to fully consider all the functions of CNC CNC machine tools, to shorten the processing route, reduce the number of times and change the number of knives, so as to ensure that the processing capacity is improved.
By selecting reasonable and appropriate cutting dosage, give full play to the cutting performance of the tool, optimize the processing parameters of CNC, ensure high-speed machining of the spindle, reduce the CT time of parts processing, and ultimately improve the processing efficiency of products and improve the production quality.

CNC machining process improvement
When writing CNC processing technology, we should not only focus on the feasibility of processing, but also consider whether the process of processing technology will cause negative effects on processing efficiency. The way to effectively shorten the CT processing time of CNC and improve productivity can be achieved by arranging reasonable processing process sequence and reducing the number of tool changes.

The production site is strictly controlled
Formulating and strictly implementing production SOP is an indispensable part of CNC processing and production process. Manual operation behavior should be reasonably standardized to reduce negative emotions of employees and waste of unnecessary time and efficiency. Formulate incentive policies to improve the enthusiasm of technicians, so as to achieve the purpose of improving production capacity and product processing quality.

Troubleshoot abnormal CNC machining problems
Inspection needs to be, for example, check equipment and fixture conditions of cylinder, solenoid valve, motor and other electric parts under the environment of the oil usage, will these parts before the operation of investigation can effectively avoid CNC spindle production was forced to stop situation, so as to improve the utilization rate of main shaft well.
Iterations of machines are expensive, but there are other methods we can use to achieve high returns with minimal costs.
CNC machining center production of high quality management should be in the first place, the above six can effectively improve the machine performance and capacity.