About us

        RK Machinery strives to be the best EDM purveyor in China with advanced and ingenious technology in machine tools. Our focus is on development and innovation with our self-developed RK-202A-WF CNC control system, providing highly intelligent EDM machines with Industry 4.0 as a standard configuration by offering an integrated service before and after sales.
We offer sales and service for the international clients over 24/7 and have covered 20+ countries such as Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Korea, India, Brazil, and so on.
RK Machinery has an efficient team with vivid experience in R&D, manufacturing, and international sales & service. Therefore, we affirm to be the final solution for all EDM affairs that deal with sales & service, spare parts, and customization per our clients' requirements.
We share high quality products with distributors across the world and build trusting relationship.

“Intelligent Equipment Create Maximum Value for Customers”
Easy to use
Cost effective
Intelligent monitoring
Good quality
Localized service

RK Machinery assures all products long service life as the machine quality is strictly controlled during the entire procedures: design, material purchasing, assembly, debugging before packing and delivery.
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