R & D
RK Machinery pledges to be intelligent manufacturing and focuses on developing machines those are easy to use, upgrading factories' productivity, automatic monitoring, and automatic performance.
1) Intelligent RK-202A-WF CNC control system is self-developed to realize Industry 4.0 function.
2) Humanized design and Environment-friendly: CE standard materials are selected for core components, remote controller make worker operate easily, machining liquid and other consumables are human harmless.
3)Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (loT) are in line with our development strategies. Digitization brings the transformation path from data collection to a wide range of software applications offering the following benefits:
    • Increased efficiency through automated manufacturing
    • Optimization of manufacturing process accuracy
    • Increased productivity by minimising machine tool downtime
    • Connectivity to ERP, MES, etc. to realise better management
    • High-quality services with real-time remote assistance that ensures traceability
    • Keeping track of machine performance and productivity
    • Process compliancy with integrated optimization